Sunday, 29 January 2012

A summary of this weekend's trials and tribulations

Hi there! I'm feeling very mathematical this week so I have decided to hit you with some key facts and figures.

Miles run: 15 in total. 5 on Friday, 10 on Sunday.
Time spent running: 2 hours, 50 minutes: (2 hours this morning... not very fast which leads us to...)
Back injuries sustained whilst carrying humongous bags of compost around the garden on Saturday: 1... lower back... ouch!
Pedestrians argued with: 2 (and their perfectly harmless dog) *
Pedestrians said 'thank you' to (with large grin): 11
Runners I smiled at and said "Hello": 12
Runners who responded: 3
Times I felt like saying 'smile you miserable moron, you're supposed to be enjoying yourself,': 9
Times I actually said it : 9 (all in my head)
Calories burned: Not enough to work off the weekend's little indulgences (namely chocolate cookies and maltesers.)
Pounds burned during the hellish month that is January: 6! HURRAH!

* To be fair, the woman was totally obnoxious. I was running on Friday night on a path which is really narrow. There is room for two people to pass but it's a tight squeeze. When she saw me coming, the woman moved to the outside of the path- nearest the road- so that her dog was safely tucked away next to the wall. Her husband walked behind her, looking slightly scared.
I refused to run on the road. I stopped in front of them and folded my arms! (I had had a pretty awful Friday it has to be said, and was in great need of some running meditation.) The woman started moaning. According to her, runners are a menace to society and we think we own the pavement- so did her dog apparently, who stopped and left a large present on the path for someone to tread in. I'm sorry to say that I lost my cool. I don't swear on my blog, so I cannot recount the exact words I chose to bestow upon this creature of non-existent manners but they worked. She moved for me!
With a smug little smile, I ran away, swaying my 6 pounds lighter bottom in time to my i-pod! Take that rude pedestrian! Ha Ha!
Am hoping to run 7 miles in the morning if the back holds out! Keep your fingers crossed please everyone! x

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  1. Haha I know what you mean! I can't stand it when I small or nod or in some way greet a fellow runner with no response- what gives man? We're runners- kindred spirits. Miserable sod. ;)