Friday, 20 January 2012

B is for Bridget Jones!

10 stone (have lost 4 pounds during last 10 days, only one tiny stone to go), cigarettes 0 (stopped smoking last February but still feels good to write a zero), alcohol units 0 (giving my body January off since drank whole years quota in December- well, 'twas the festive season and all that), times checked on my left knee (currently swollen to the size of my thigh) 83 (poor but still better than yesterday's record breaking 156!)
Whilst re-reading Bridget Jones- one of my all time favourite books- for the twentieth time, I was inspired! Sure, it's unconventional to write my actual weight at the top of the blog but now I have made it public I simply HAVE to step away from the flumps/ chocolate bars/ apple crumble and custard and, instead, eat healthy things like celery and avocado and... erm... beans and stuff.
I should be running tonight. My calendar clearly says 'RUN 6 MILES (or die.)' Was obviously of un-sound mind when I wrote the bit in brackets, could possibly have been under the influence of too much Christmas spirit. And I want to run. Believe me, running 6 miles in the torrential rain is my absolutely perfect way to spend a Friday night, but sadly I cannot. The reason being that I have hurt/ broken/torn/ripped/ bashed/ paralysed my left knee. The blame lies entirely with aerobic dance. If you put twenty thirty something women in a room at once and make them grapevine to 'Sexy and I know it,' something terrible is obviously going to happen.
There I was 'wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggling...yeah' when something went 'snap'. Bravely, I tried to wiggle on but my knee was Not In The Mood! Because I am totally devoted to my fitness goals (and it was raining outside and I didn't want to get my hair wet running to the car), I persevered.Me and my snapped knee boogied half-heartedly through Greased Lightning and It's Raining Men...we even attempted the Shuffle. But what 'Sexy and I know it' started, 'Zorba's Dance' finished. I hobbled out of the studio feeling more like crawling that wiggling.
By the time I got home, the knee was swollen. Badly. I had to use some of my healthy frozen vegetables to reduce the swelling (now I cannot possibly eat them... it'll have to be crisps instead). I have spent the past two evenings sitting with my knee elevated whilst covered with a veritable medley- if I actually ate the vegetables, I might be nearer my target weight but that's a whole different issue.
I have a full weekend of running ahead of me and, come swell or high water, tomorrow I'm lacing up those trainers and hitting the hills. As Bridget Jones would say, 'Oh dear. This won't end well!'

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