Monday, 16 January 2012

W is for waffle... which I absolutely, positively, DO NOT do!

According to my husband, I waffle, which is rich coming from him and his never ending 'Assassins Creed' anecdotes. I mean, running is pretty important to me and it's essential, as a woman, to share that joy with other people. In fact, psychologists say that women are twice as likely to.... Oops. Maybe he has a point!
In an effort to show Mr 'words of one syllable' that I can be concise, here is a summary of this morning's run:

Beautiful Yorkshire Morning. Endless blue skies.  -2 degrees. 7 miles. 80 minutes. Up-hill. Ouch. Followed by hot shower. Might have given self shingles. Oops.

Hurrah! See, can absolutely be concise! To further prove my point, here is my summary of Friday's run.

Friday night. Dark. Cold. 4 miles. 41 minutes. Couldn't feel my finger tips.

Am officially the queen of summarising- take that X-Box boy!  

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