Thursday, 5 January 2012

M is for M-o-o-o-o-ves like Beyonce!

Day 5 of my quest for the perfect body (perfect is probably too strong a word... body that doesn't wobble and is firm-ish in some/ most area's would be more accurate.) Quite honestly, I didn't want to go the gym. I was also a little bit cross that dance aerobics was scheduled at the same time as The Big Bang Theory on E4, nevertheless, I accepted these minor irritations with my usual grace and, after strapping my body into the obligatory eighteen layers of lycra, I hit the leisure centre.
            Dance aerobics was first. I  spent an hour forcing my spare tyre to wobble and roll in time to LMFAO. It was fab and I loved it. Then I went to the gym, which was almost deserted despite it being only day 5 of January. I expected it to be full of fresh faces, all 'don't know how this machine works...giggle,giggle', and 'gosh I love the gym because I've only been twice,' but no. There were a couple of the regulars: sweat stained, grimacing with pain, (you know, normal people) and me (who gave them a run for their money with both the sweating AND the dodgy facial expressions. If grunting and scowling simultaneously was an Olympic sport, I would definitely snatch the gold!)
            After 4 miles and a bit of weight lifting, I went for a swim. I only did 40 lengths...well, E4 were showing The Big Bang again at 10 and I didn't want to miss it!
                                    All in all, a good start to the new year.
 Separated at birth? Absolutely! Can't you see the startling physical resemblances?!

Because it's only week one of January, I am holding firm with my new years resolutions.  I've booked some of next year's races. As you may remember, it was my intention to run a marathon this year but I have decided - in my infinite wisdom- and because my butt muscles were a little bit crampy when I booked the races- that I will spend this year mastering and really getting to grips with the half marathon. Perhaps I might even cross a finish line without my life flashing before my eyes and my dead Nanna ordering me to walk towards the light. To this end, I have 4 10K's lined up before March and the Leeds half marathon in May.
            I was born and raised in Leeds so I'm already feeling pretty sentimental about conquering the mileage. The only problem is that I might see someone I know... even worse, I might see someone I used to go to school with... showing my lycra clad, cellulite ridden bottom ... wearing a fanny pack... eek! Better get back to the gym. I'm going to really need a body like Beyonce if I'm gonna rock that half marathon! 

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