Thursday, 12 January 2012

Y is for "Yoga! Yippee!" (and Yogaches.)

In my continued (increasingly desperate) bid to have a body like Beyonce, I returned to yoga last night. I can't recall when I stopped going. It just seemed like, between running upward of 20 miles a week, and developing Jodie Marsh style muscles in the gym, I forgot to book my yoga class a couple of times... then a few more times and before I knew it, I was having one of those, "I know I should go back but can I face the accusing looks of my yoga teacher/ I wasn't exactly her BEST student... what if she was glad to see the back of me and won't let me re-join the class?" moments.
In a bid to boost my confidence before I attended the class, I ran 5 miles on the dreadmill, then lifted some more weights. I also wore one of my race t-shirts as a, 'look , I was doing something worthy when I wasn't saluting my line,' kind of statement. After the initial sarcastic comments, quite a lot of tut-tutting and 'You're going into your lumber again... which is no surprise since you obviously haven't practised... blah, blah, blah...' I settled into the class. And it was brilliant.
A complete body class, we stretched our calves to our upper shoulders. Anyone who has ever done yoga will understand me when I say that it hurt... in a really good, deep stretching, body really needed this kind of way. When we meditated at the end of the session, I almost fell asleep because all of the stresses and strains of running were, for that moment, released. I had the best nights sleep in ages... it was bliss.
This morning I felt like I had been hit by a bus. Muscles I had forgotten about were groaning in protest every time I tried to move. I had to literally lift my legs so that I could get into the shower! I think I push my body pretty hard with the running, the weights, swimming and booty shaking but nothing produces the sore after effects of yoga. Then again, it's like my teacher would say, "practise makes perfect... and no practise makes a yoga student who has gained a stone since she stopped regularly attending classes!" Needless to say, I'm already booked on for next week. Bring on the yogaches!  

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