Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Hello again and Happy New Year to all of you Bloggies out there! I must admit that it's been some time since my last blog... it's also been quite some time since I ran anywhere (apart from to the kitchen cupboard for more chocolate.) I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even been to the gym for three weeks.
Yes dear readers, it's sad but true. Somewhere between three bottles of Christmas wine, five boxes of chocolates and the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special, I fell off the wagon. Big style!
I don't know what happened... one minute I was filling my Christmas list with all kinds of fitness gadgets, the next minute I was becoming re-acquainted with my sofa and the wonders of SKY+. Obviously sensing my shift in mood- from go-girl to no-girl, my husband bought me a running book called 'What I talk about when I talk about running.' Basically it's written by a famous novelist who says that he simply cannot write well if he doesn't run.
This got me to thinking... I kinda 'forgot' to write anything whilst I was snoring on the arm of my sofa. So perhaps the guy has a point- running and writing are the perfect combination? If so, I need to get going... and fast! Another tiny factor which adds to my new found impetus to exercise is my weight: Since I stopped smoking, I have gained 1 stone and 4 pounds (11 pounds of which have appeared since I stopped training for my half marathon- even I can't ignore that kind of math!)
So, not only do I need to re-ignite my love of all things spandex and write every day, I now need to lose a pesky stone and a half. And what better time to change my life than the New Year! And what better way to write my steps to success than in a list... it's resolution Heaven!
Kelly's New Year's Resolutions - an exhaustive and thorough list!
A: Arse! Lose my second arse which is wobbling somewhere just above the back of my knee caps.
B: Bite the bullet and run outside. Yes it's dark, yes it's raining, yes my hair gets frizzy in the wet but I must conquer the winter!
C: Cut out the obsessive viewing of 'The Big Bang Theory' and actually write something myself.
There. Sorted! Such is the power of the list that I am now going on-line to book a few Spring races.
Aerobics, gym and swim tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to bend my knees enough to walk to my laptop to type in my report. Fingers crossed x

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  1. Good to see a new post-chocolate post.

    Running and writing the perfect combination?
    Yes - but maybe not at the same time!

    For me, running does help get the old thinking box working. At my age anything helps.