Thursday, 1 September 2011

S is for speedy

Well, for one mile at least, I experienced FAST. My first mile tonight was an 8 minute, 56 second speed fest. Oh yeah, I ran so fast I was practically a blur, then I had to kneel on the pavement because I thought I was going to be sick. It’s funny because I never see professional athletes do this and they run NEARLY as fast as me. The next two miles were a bit of a write off really, I ran two ten minute miles because I couldn’t breathe after my fete of super human strength. I have a sneaking suspicion that ‘run 3 miles quickly’ as it says on my training log, doesn’t mean, ‘run so fast you almost pass out then hobble the rest of the way.’ Well, you live and learn.
                40 minute hill run tomorrow- will take you a photograph of the mountain I am attempting (although I might not be able to crawl down to my computer to post it onto my blog).  I will leave you with the first verse of my new running poem (yes, I really am THAT sad)

“Going the distance”
Mile 1:
Okay, here I go now, feeling really good
Wearing spandex, fanny pack and luminous pink hood
Damned I lost my GPS, the woman sounded pissed
Instead of stuffing it up my top I’ll wear it on my wrist
Mountain climb the first half mile, stretch out at the top
Spot the mental power walker who never seems to stop
She’s slapping on that pavement, like it’s been so naughty
Grey permed hair and wrinkly face, she must be double forty
Feel a spurt of energy, sprint to pass her quick
Throw a sideways smug smile though I feel a little sick

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