Thursday, 15 September 2011

An ode to running in the wilds

Tonight, despite my aches and piles
I ran a lovely seven miles
Up the mountains, through a ditch
Waded through fields with a nasty stitch
Smiling inanely like a fool
Enjoying the autumn evening cool  

Oh dear wilds I had forgotten
How running inside makes me feel rotten
I tried the treadmill but it couldn’t compete
Didn’t make me feel like a true athlete
Dearest wilds I beg of you please
(I’m honestly on my hand and knees)
Stop with the wild and crazy weather
It drives me to the end of my tether
Keep it together please, have some grace
(At least until the day of my race!)

After a couple of action free days on Sunday and Monday, I ran/ tried not to get sucked under a treadmill for 4 miles on Tuesday then ‘did’ dance aerobics (Beyonce has NOTHING on me) and yoga last night. So a very tame week compared to the usual ‘ran/hobbled/ peed in a bush at mile 9’ escapades.
            The weird thing is though- and I cannot believe I’m going to say this- promise not to tell anyone because it will REALLY ruin my street cred… I couldn’t wait to go out tonight. I ran seven miles just because I wanted to. I actually wanted to run further but I had a sneaking suspicion that my body was luring me into a false sense of security, only to pop a disc when I bend down to put my shoes on in the morning. It wouldn’t be the first time!  The even weirder thing is that, as soon as I let go and just enjoyed myself, I ran fast. Really fast. 6x 9minute miles in a row fast. Howzat!
            If someone had told me that the key to success is enjoying running, I would have made myself get drunk then remain housebound for 2 days before every run. It’s an interesting thought!
Happy days x

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