Monday, 26 September 2011

…and the listing obsession reaches new and dizzying heights.

In a bid to DO something useful while I rest my weary body and mentally prepare for Sunday’s half marathon (I am mentally prepared in that it’s driving me mental with excitement) I have compiled a list of great running reads. The wonderful people at recommended all but the first book so I’m confident that they will be pretty awesome! If anyone asks you what you want for Christmas, simply select one, two or all of the books (depending on how good you’ve been!) My blogging now provides a public service...there is literally no end to my talents!

Best running reading books. As recommended by the fab runners on ‘’

The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer, Whitsett, Dolgener and Kole

Ghost Runner, Bill Jones

The Lore of Running, Tim Noakes

Perfect training for Distance runners, Sebastian Coe et al.

How to run, Paula Radcliffe

The Perfect Distance, Ovett and Coa

The First Four Minutes, Sir Roger Bannister

Once a Runner, John L Parker

Born to Run, Christopher McDougall

From Last to First by 80s marathoner Charlie Spedding

ChiRunning, Danny Dreyer

Feet in the Clouds: A Story of Fell Running and Obsession, Richard Askwith

Prepare for list mania guys. 6 days to go!  

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  1. That is a great list Kelly - I feel a library visit coming on.