Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Z is for Zumbathon! R is for RAISE LOADS OF MONEY... YEAH!!!!

Lucky me, I secured a place in the 2012 Great North Run: hurrah/ oh no, what have I got myself into this time?!!!! Not only will I be running 13.2 miles, I will also 'run the risk' (pun intended) of being filmed for LIVE television. The horror! Regular readers will know that I have a tendency towards the calamitous- Can you imagine falling over your own feet whilst being watched by 5 million Sunday viewers? I can. Unfortunately.

Anyhow, probable catastrophe aside, I decided to raise as much money as physically possible for my sponsor charity, Children with Cancer. So I went to see my lovely zumba instructor Kirsty who gave me a totally enthusiastic and resounding 'Yes!' Then she offered to help organise it and within three weeks we had planned the worlds best ever Zumbathon. I am not exaggerating, it's going to be immense!
Dutifully, I set up a Facebook page. However, as my bog standard blog goes to prove, I'm a bit of a techno-phobe. So, because I can at least write on this without my masterpiece disappearing, this lovely little blog will become the Zumbathon notice board for the next eight weeks.
Please comment- anywhere! Facebook if you can, on here if you can't. Join in the fun, let's get the party started 8 weeks early.
Even if your boogie has deserted you, you can still get involved. At the moment, we are in desperate need of helpers to:
·         collect money (and encourage people to give more)
·         run the raffle/ guess the name of the bear competition
·         serve tea and coffee
·         serve water
·         hand out free badges/ pens/ balloons etc
... and probably a thousand other jobs that I have yet to think of. If you are available and willing, please e-mail me using the address above or the Facebook page thingy. Any help would be much appreciated!

Phew, that's it for now lovely readers!
8 weeks to go x

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  1. I'll check it out this weekend. Good luck :)