Monday, 3 February 2014

R is for Resolutions (and Really, REALLY lazy)

Hi everyone, it's been a very, very long time since my last post... and my last run but there are extenuating circumstances, I promise!

Lots have happened since... (pause whilst I scroll through my blog)... May 2012! Blimey, I've been more lazy than I thought! My main excuse though is that I have had another baby. Yep number 3, baby Georgiana, was born last March. Not only does this excuse my lack of running, it also excuses my rusty writing repertoire... bear with me, it'll improve, I promise. Somewhere, in a sea of nappies and breastmilk, of teething and the ancient 'will she crawl/ won't she crawl- my baby is bigger/ has more teeth/ is already reciting her alphabet whilst sitting on the potty chewing a three course meal' debate, I lost the will to live... and to write... and to run...

Nearly eight months later, I decided to put a tentative, running shoe clad foot outside the front door in the form of our local Santa Run. Essentially, I donated money to charity so that they would let me dress up in a horrendously fitting Santa suit complete with ventilation holes under the arms (rips) and an itchy santa beard. Then, as if walking around the park in said suit was not  fashion statement enough, I ran 4 miles through the town centre in the flipping thing. Not only was this a real treat for me, I also managed to drag along the husband and two older children (the eldest of which whooped me and finished in 29 minutes... a fact I remind him of when it takes a whole Sunday afternoon to clean his bedroom.) 

I intended to continue with the good work after this... honestly, dear readers I did. But then it was Christmas and it just seemed rude to leave my hubby to eat ALL of the kid's selection boxes by himself. What can I say... I went to ground.

So here I am. Almost ten months on, after listening to Katy Perry roaring on a continuous loop (my six year old got an i-pod for Christmas, what a mistake to make,)  I'm feeling that old familiar stirring in my shin-splints. I need to get back to it, I really do, and here are some reasons why:
·      I put a whole stone and a half on whilst I was pregnant and managed to gain weight whilst I was breastfeeding. Oh yeah, I took 'eating for two' to a whole new level!
·      I need to get out more. No joke: there are only so many times you can wind that bobbin up before you want to throw it out of the window. If I get out more, perhaps I'll rekindle my love of Old McDonald...
·      Post-natal January blues... it's dark when you get up, it's dark when you go to bed. It's cold, it's windy and has rained everyday for the past 5 weeks. You know me, I'm not one to complain but c'mon, something's gotta give.
·       I need to get fit. As Ms Perry says 'I've got the eye of the tiger, the fighter, dancing through the fire, 'cos I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar...' Oh yeah!
·      On New Year's Day I received a very friendly e-mail from the lovely people Daily Mile which briefly summarised all the running I had managed to complete in 2013... and brief it was. I registered a big fat zero! Obviously I knew that I had somehow forgotten to spray on the lycra and dig out the unflattering hat with holes but to see it in print... ugh.

My New Year's Resolution then is to leave the comfort of my sofa for the discomfort of ill fitting spandex and compression socks that cut off the circulation to my knees. When it's put like that, how can I fail.
Coming very soon then my first post- Georgiana running report... I promise!

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