Tuesday, 10 April 2012

D is for Distraction

Okay, so I've been a little erm...distracted recently. The reason for said distraction is sitting in the grass in the above photograph, yep, Fearne the puppy who shall, from henceforward be called 'Fearne the running puppy who sometimes tries to eat my laces when I'm mid stride.'
I read somewhere recently (I think it was on the Internet just after I typed 'how to stop your puppy causing broken bones/ limbs/ ruptured internal organs whilst running' into Google) that you shouldn't make puppy's run too young. The problem is though, that, far from the usual healthy amount of loathing most people show to the noble sport, Fearne actually enjoys it. In fact, she loves it so much that every single walk turns into a run. I'm thinking of shouting 'runnies' instead of 'walkies' when I pick up her lead but it sounds like an unfortunate by-product of eating curry rather than an enjoyable, healthy pursuit. So walkies it is for now- even though this is blatant false advertising.
During the Easter holidays I was due to do lots of long runs to prepare for my up-coming half marathon. Then I realised that Fearne loves running. Then I thought (being the efficient, busy Mum I am) 'what's the point me running on my own then walking Fearne afterwards...why not do the two together?' (Cue light-bulb moment) You can see where it all started to go wrong, can't you!
For the past week, I have run every day. Which is great. Not so great is the fact that my average mileage has only been 4 miles. At least 1 of which has been spent trying not to fall over Fearne when she stops for a laces attack and a cuddle. To say that I'm not ready for this half marathon is an under-statement. My whole training program now rests on the fact that my kids are spending the day with their Grandparents on Thursday so I'll have chance for a 10 miler. As for Fearne? I'll leave her a pack of laces to chew...she'll never even know I'm gone!
Happy Easter everyone xxx
(P.S. For Easter, my husband bought me a book called 'Run Fat Bi**h Run! Should I be insulted?)  

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