Thursday, 6 October 2011

C is for… checking in!

I might not be a virgin anymore, but I do have a confession to make… since the half marathon, I have not run… at all! Not even to the toilet, not even through a rainstorm to my car. Nope, I haven’t put one foot in front of the other in an energetic fashion since Sunday. Until Wednesday, I couldn’t run. In fact, I could hardly walk. Because I had run too fast and too far without stretching on Sunday, I spent a full three days feeling like I had been hit by a rather large, double decker, number 43 bus. My excuse today is the weather… and the fact that I have writing to do and cannot be bothered- it’s raining, it’s windy and I want to hibernate because it finally feels like winter is coming.

So what have I been doing with all of my ‘running free’ time? I shall tell you:
  • EATING! And eating… and then eating some more. Fish and chips, chocolate, stew and dumplings (followed by apple crumble and custard), chocolate, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate cake. (In keeping with tradition, I have also been drinking a lot of chocolate milk!)
  • SLEEPING! Last week, I managed about 23 minutes of sleep because I was far too busy tidying my house and making lists of lists. This week, I have more than made up for my lack of sleep. In fact, I have slept so much that I have already compensated my poor body for all future races that I might ever possibly run.
  • BRAGGING! To everyone and anyone who would listen- and quite a few people who were blatantly NOT listening! If wearing my t-shirt wasn’t enough to prompt the conversation of ‘Oh wow, did you do that this year?’ I casually asked, ‘What did you do this weekend?’ Then hit them between the eyes with a blow by blow account of my near death experience at mile 2. No matter how many times I tell the story, I never tire of hearing it (I’m not sure I can say the same for my audience though, even my Mum has stopped answering my phone calls.)

I have decided to give my body one more day of rest before testing the waters with a steady 8 miles on Saturday. As of Monday, I’m back to the gym, the yoga, the aerobics and running in the dark. Heaven knows, I’m going to need to burn off some of those calories!
Happy days x

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  1. Sounds very sensible to me - proper rest and recuperation after a race.

    But why a No 43 bus?