Tuesday, 11 October 2011

6 miles in 60 minutes… it’s amazing what 90210 can do!

For once, dearest bloggies, I kept my word. Despite the crappy weather, despite the fact that my arm pit muscles (which I didn’t even know existed) were aching from yesterday’s encounter with the weight press thingies at the gym, and despite the fact that I simply didn’t want to… I ran 6 miles today. And I managed to get home in time for my daily instalment of 90210 on E4.
I haven’t really run outside since the half marathon and, as you might have read, I found that a teensy bit difficult. But I knew that I had to get over the hump and, as the old slogan says, ‘Just do it!’ So I just did it… then I collapsed on the sofa and spent an hour of unadulterated bliss watching unadulterated crap TV. While I was running, I realised that, in my half marathoning madness, I have been seriously neglecting my A-Z. Here is the latest instalment, look out for the full version, which should be making an appearance by the end of the week!
Good things about running
Bad things about running
Whatever your current standard, you were once a newbie! Do you remember the hill that used to leave you gasping for breath? The one mile marker where you got cramp in your calf and had to hop for half a mile because it hurt to put your foot on the floor? The tree at mile 3 that you used to pee behind because running 3 miles seemed a really long way and you weren’t sure you’d make it home to the toilet? Remember your mile-stones because they will keep you motivated when you are tired/exhausted/want to cry/ want to go home/ want an ambulance.
My name is Kelly and I suffer from a lack of motivation. Sometimes my sofa calls louder than my trainers and, before I know it, I find myself curled up with a good book rather than braving the wilds clad in illuminous lycra. I have noticed a change in myself though, during these past few months of running madness. These days, I get narky if I don’t run and I make sure that I have time to run even if I don’t really want to go. So perhaps I’m moving in the right direction. Maybe this time next year I will need to run like I need oxygen i.e. I cannot live without it! A girl can hope!

Happy times x

(A quick note to all of the lovely people who have commented on my blogs recently: I replied to all of your comments via e-mail, then I realised that the e-mail address I was responding to was ‘noreplyblogger.something.’ I hope that you did receive my replies. If not, thanks everyone for the congratulations, comments and giggles. I love them all! )

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