Tuesday, 8 November 2011

T is for toenails and TV

It’s official… I’m down to 8 toe nails.  I lost one just after the half marathon, which was obviously due to the huge number of miles I had been running in preparation for my ‘life-changing/ near-death’ experience. I was quite proud actually- I paraded my deceased toe nail around the house as a medal of honour (until it disappeared- my husband swears he didn’t throw it in the bin but I have my doubts…). It was a product of all of my hard work. Then a second toe nail fell off on Sunday. And suddenly I’m worried.
            Not that I haven’t been working hard, you understand. I have been running. I am currently averaging 14 miles a week of mountain climbing/ hypothermia dodging outdoor runs with a further 8 miles on the dreadmill… but these are hardly record breaking distances. Which means only one thing… I have a severe disease which is causing my toe nails to fall off! Obviously I researched this fully on-line (I googled it- a valid and thorough method of research as we all agree) and there is no mention of a disease of the fallen toe-nail. So I can only surmise that I am the first sufferer the world has ever seen. I am a medical anomaly. A one off. I only hope that a cure can be found before I lose the remaining 8 toe-nails and am banned from ever wearing peep-toe sandals again. It’s a worry. Really it is.
            My dreadmill miles, I have to admit, have not been so dreadful for the past couple of weeks. I have not had to pinch myself repeatedly in order to stay awake whilst doing a vital 4 miles, nor have I resorted to swearing at the machine because it’s only registering 4 miles and it feels like 10. What could the reason be for this change of heart I hear you ask… well, it’s revolutionary… the telly is working in the gym… and someone has set it to a music channel… and I like it!
            It makes all the difference! Last night I wore one earphone and listened to the Archers on Radio 4, whilst, with my other ear, I listened to JLS, Rhianna and Beyonce. It was perfect! Can you imagine the Archers to a backdrop of ‘sucks to be you right now…’ Try it. It’s a revelation. But don’t blame me when you become addicted.
            I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would finish the A-Z but have been terrible at actually getting much done aside from running and writing (work style writing, not fun blog writing) so here is the next instalment. Hope you enjoy R-S. Happy running x

Good things about running- HURRAH!
Bad things about running- BOO!
Relaxing. Some runners manage to achieve something called ‘flow’ which is basically when you are in the moment, your body is working like a well oiled machine and your mind is focussed entirely on running. For one moment, everything else disappears and it’s just you and the track. I experience a similar sensation when my kids lie in on a Sunday morning or I find kit-kats/ flumps on offer at the supermarket.
Runner’s high.
Exhaustion+ endorphins+ energy drinks = runner’s high!
Totally legal, totally free… makes you as giddy as a giddy thing on a giddy day.
Reading. Running gives you an excellent excuse to buy new books about all things running. If my husband is reading though, I haven’t bought any! Scouts honour. I borrowed all ten of them from friends J
(If you’re new to the blog, there is a list of the top running books somewhere in the archive.)
Restless legs
Have you ever been awoken by your legs running- in bed- completely of their own free will?
This tends to happen to me a lot before a race. When I first signed up for the half marathon, I woke up every morning for three weeks convinced that it was the day of the half marathon with my legs thrashing wildly around the bed and pure terror in my heart. I was worried that I needed an exorcist but my husband said I just needed to get a life. Maybe he was right!
Reasons to run
They HAVE to be convincing otherwise, when you’re shattered, you WILL call a taxi rather than running the distance. Make a list and repeat it in your head when you feel tired. (Important note: Enjoying wearing spandex is NOT  a reason to run, it’s a reason to seek psychiatric assessment!)
Sun-tan. Running is a great way to get a deep and even tan since you usually run in circles so, at some point you will be running towards and then away from the sun. Slap on the sunscreen and get glowing girl.
Support team. My children and I are so ‘into’ running that whenever we pass a runner or cyclist we wind down our windows and shout words of support. My 4 year old daughters current favourite is ‘go on with your bad self!’ So if you are traversing the wilds of Yorkshire try not to be afraid (actually, be very afraid because I don’t drive well when I’m shouting. Oops!)
Stretches- do some! The more stupid you look while you’re doing them, the more effective they are!

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  1. Kelly,

    You could easily be losing those nails as a result of bad shoe fit, even on 8 miles or so. Most of the time the nails get all jacked up from bashing into the shoe, even when you don't notice it. Try filing them really smooth, so that if you run your finger against the grain so to speak, they don't catch. Worked for me :-) I just ran an ultra with no issues doing this.