Sunday, 13 November 2011

S is for Soundtrack…

The weather up here in (rarely) sunny Yorkshire yesterday was glorious! The trees, naked of their leafy garments, swayed in a mild and gentle wind. Un-spoilt miles of undulating hillsides rolled into the distance, vanishing into an azure ocean of sky, upon which white feathered boats scudded and raced. It was the perfect November day.
I didn’t run yesterday. I ran today. And today it rained… and rained… and then rained some more. I try not to swear on the blog, but, I can’t think of a better way to say it… it pissed it down. All day.
My husband drove me eight miles into the undulating hillsides, which looked considerably less beautiful than yesterday. As we drove, the weather became wetter and wetter and wetter. The rain clouds were so dense that it was foggy, and at lunchtime all of the cars had their full headlights on. I really pick my moments to run!
Today was, without doubt, the worst weather I have ever run in. Because it was freezing, I had to keep running- otherwise I would have gotten hypothermia- and that would have severely impaired my ‘get a bottom like Beyonce’ plan. So I ran. I didn’t pass a single other runner- although I did pass one hardy cyclist who was nearly sucked under a lorry that obviously didn’t spot him (he wasn’t wearing his luminous clothing- the weather must have taken him by surprise, though not as much as the lorry did judging by the look on his face. I hope he carried spare pants!) As I ran, I listened to my ipod. It was set on shuffle, but the songs were strangely apt… so apt that I thought I’d share them with you. So, dear reader, here is the soundtrack to my rainy run.

What I was thinking
Mile 1:
Don’t stop me now. Queen.
I haven’t run for four days. I’m full of energy. Roar!  
Mile 2:
Feeling Good. Michael Bublee.
I feel awesome. I feel so good that I might just add an extra 5 miles onto the end of this run. Roar!
Mile 3:
Chariots of fire.
I might not be the fastest. Or the fittest. I’m the underdog! Feeling amazing- really into my stride now! Roar!
Mile 4:
Going Under, Evanescence
Feeling a bit wet now. And a bit cold. How far have I run? 4 miles? ONLY 4 miles? Need a wee. Oh dear.
Mile 5:
Way Down, Elvis Presley

Better stop for a wee. A bit out of breath now, I’ll just sit down on this bench and recover… snore...
Mile 6:
Dirty, Christina Aguilera
What was that? Crap, just ran through the biggest ever puddle of mud and what looked (and smelt) like horse pooh! Nice.  
Mile 7:
Another one bites the dust. Queen.
Endorphins have deserted me now. Might walk a bit… and a bit more… might as well just walk home. Don’t want to tire myself out, I’m racing next week!
Mile eight;
Everyday I’m Shufflin’  LMFAO
Wet. Cold. Tired. Muddy. Hurt.
Am shuffling for real now… can’t walk, can’t run… just shuffle. Like an eighty year old woman in her slippers!  

Yes! My musical tastes are THAT eclectic!
7 days ‘til the 10K. Praying for better weather!
Happy running x

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