Thursday, 15 March 2012

A is for Another New Arrival!

Well, things have been extremely busy in the Sharp household for the past couple of weeks. As you know, good old Gary the Garmin arrived (and not a minute too soon). Then, just when I thought things couldn't get any more fly by the seat of my pants exciting, Fearne, our new puppy bounded onto the scene! And she is lovely (though not quite as useful as Gary.)
Here is a picture of Fearne- or, to give you her 'Sunday' name(with which she was christened by my daughter and a bottle of Evian)- Fearne Freckles Sharp. Look closely, can you see why her middle name is freckles?

 As you know, I spent a good deal of 2011 bemoaning the lack of a running buddy. Well, now I have one... a cross between a border collie and a whippet, she's shaping up to be a fine runner. She's already very quick...especially when she's tearing around the house with my shoes in her mouth. I promise, right here and now, not to be a puppy bore- I will not tell you how many times she urinated on the carpet yesterday (3) or how many times I got up with her in the night because she was barking (5) or how long it takes her to eat meals (less than 30 seconds, it's amazing to watch.)
For the moment, much to my frustration, she is housebound and I am itching to take her for a jog. According to the vets, the hound can be released in two weeks, just in time for Easter and the school holidays. Yippee! Two children and a puppy... my Easter is bound to be full of peace and tranquillity.
As for the running, well you'll be glad to know that I am still doing it! Hurrah. Despite the fact that I currently suffer from separation anxiety, I am not worried... it soon wore off with the kids! On Monday night, I went for a 4 mile run with the Saltaire Striders, who were as fabulous and fast as ever. Tonight, I am doing my first 'longer' run with them- a 6 mile cross country route with Fartlek training (I tried not to giggle then but... c'mon...Fartlek. Who came up with that name?!) This should prepare (or injure) me for Sunday's Keighley 10K. Hopefully our new addition will allow me to get some sleep before then. Much as I love Fearne Freckles, Gary the Garmin is far, far easier to look after! Yawn... 

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  1. Puppy is so cute!! And I have to agree with you, I always snicker when I see or hear the work fartlek, hehehe. So glad you have continued to run! :)